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TPE - The Ultimate level of Management

Moving from a D/s relationship into a TPE (Total Power Exchange) relationship is one of the most important decisions couples make during any relationship. This is serious and it must be approached carefully and patiently. Each side of the relationship, Dom and sub, will have to be willing and able to make some major changes if the relationship is to have any hope of lasting.


The Ladies that are typically interested and choose this option are in search of a higher level of commitment vs being hired for a job.  I offer the highest level of commitment in TPE, this option maximizes your opportunities for success not only in the financial realm, but more importantly in the creation or recreation of the best person that you can become.  This option is NOT for everyone, but for the select few that thrive with a Dominant led relationship that includes all of the business aspects of an Upscale Agency.


During a conversation with one the girls that has been with me for a while, I asked her what makes this fulfilling for her. It was quite an interesting response, one that I will list below ( in part ).




TPE Interview / Conversation


Chase:  When you initially read the terms of the TPE arrangement, did it freak you out and why?


Girl X:  Yesssss!  lol I understood the commitment needed, and giving that control, power and trust to someone that I didnt know was scary.  Looking back at it, the choice to hand over that power did not lessen me, as I had expected.  Instead I was given the tools to start the process in repairing my mind and heart from past events, I was shown how to adapt in any enviornment and more importantly... the mantra of becoming great, it started to resonate.


Chase: So,what makes our relationship work?


Girl X:


Structure - I thrive on structure.  Without a structure to my days, I'd feel a little frustrated and lost.  The rules and discipline in which I build my days reminds me what is expected of me at all times and keeps me in check. I know that if I were to err there would be consequences and those too are looked for to produce the submission desirable in me. The consistency in which structure is upheld is the most important. It helps to prevent negative behavior and builds a strong basis for every interaction.


Active Dominance - You never stop working on being the best.  Most times, you work to damn hard, but my thoughts were If he is willing to learn and develop new skills, keep consistent in his rule enforcing then I am able to blossom and grow as well so that my submission is at peak performance for the longest time possible. I can't submit or desire to submit to someone who will just sit back and accept it without reciprocity in return. I lose respect and it's all downhill after that.


Freedom - The expectation is the loss of freedom, to be held back and or limited.  On the contrary I am given freedom to move about and a freedom to be who I am in your presence and in the world in general. I love your control, it does govern all I do and has also given me flexibility in how I go about growing in the business. It allows me to express myself and thoroughly enjoy my submission to you, but in the business world allows me the become my persona to the fullest ( within the parameters that are set ) and that trust given to me, is empowering.



Acceptance - It's fucking awesome to know that you accept all of me, flaws included and wants me anyway. Without question, I know that you build me up rather than tear me down and that my submission is "okay" for him. I couldn't submit if I knew that you were constantly wishing I would act a certain way or that I would be something other than who I am.


Love -  Love and its other reactions such as compassion, caring, affection, fondness, and passion are a foundation for me and my submission. I need a Dominant that is not afraid to show that they love me, and often.



In all of these things, there is an undercurrent of trust. Without trust, these things can not be actualized. We toss trust around a lot when we speak about what we need from a partner, but it's very rare to have someone realize that the trust is like the roots of a tree and the things that I mentioned above grow out of that.


Chase:  What has been the biggest challenge for the transition from one life to the next?


Girl X: Fear. Fear of failing, fear of being let down, fear of the unknowns, fear of not being good enough.  I had concerns about being accepted by the girls also, but in one day of being around them, that was a non issue.





The art and beauty behind any relationship begins with a foundation.  Honesty.  Loyalty. Respect. Trust. These are the fundamental building blocks of my life and to any beneficial to our relationship.


The ladies who select this option, reach out to me are: submissive by nature, seek, love and are inspired by a Dominant Male (I am African American if that makes a difference) to take the leadership role in their lives and careers.  The misconception is that the ladies who choose this option are weak and have no say so in their lives.  This could be furthest from the truth.


Submission isn’t a two-dimensional act done by an unthinking robot or a weak-willed person who requires guidance to get through their day and life. No, submission requires thought, consent, and integrity, as well as the understanding that there’s a reason for everything that happens.


We would be trusting each other with an investment of time, money and energy, we should enjoy our time doing so.  Within the circle of our Team, there should be a form of solidarity and safety un paralleled in any other place.


If this foundation can be created, will have a GREAT chance of success.  There is another key aspect that I left out simply to expound upon its importance... Communication. I can not stress enough how many situations can be worked out if both parties talk with each other and not AT each other.  I want to offer a sounding board for you, and in time if I need it, would look for the same from you as well.


It has been my pleasure to offer this aspect of my Lifestyle to you.  I have invested a great deal into creating a space to nurture greatness within those who choose to follow my lead. The question becomes, where do you see yourself being your best?  



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